Can you play school volleyball and club volleyball at the same time?

  • Per CIF rules, High School and Club season cannot happen concurrently. Our team practices will begin after the conclusion of the High School season. 
  • Middle schools athletes are allowed to participate in both school and club at the same time.

How does club volleyball work? Where do I start?

Are the tryouts in July the only time I can make a team? 

  • Tryouts for u15-18s are in July.
    • We will aim to fill all the spots on the proposed teams on the day of tryouts. We will use supplemental tryouts in the subsequent week to fill any openings. Pending demand and requests, we may host a Fall tryout (October) for u15-18 players as well.
  • Tryouts for u11-14s will be October 13-15 (Exact times TBA). All spots will be filled during that tryout period as well. 

What if I can not make the tryout date?

  • All positions will be offered at the conclusion of the tryouts. If there are openings remaining, make-up tryouts may be held during the Area tryout as well as additional Supplemental tryouts.
  • With exceptions for certain situations, we will NOT hold any open positions for players that cannot attend tryouts. Please communicate directly with us.

What are the differences between National and Area? Where is a good place to start if I have never played club sports?

What do I need to sign up for to prepare me for tryouts? 

  • We have a variety of programs for those interested in getting better volleyball. These programs are a great opportunity to continue to improve your skills while meeting our coaches and potential future teammates. For more information, please see our Summer Programs page.

What tournaments will you attend?

  • City Beach will participate in the WCVBA Power and Area League. Our National teams will also attend tournaments such as Winter Classic, Presidents Day Showdown, Las Vegas Classic, Far Western Qualifier, Red Rock Rave Qualifier, and an end-of-season tournament (ex: USAV or AAU Nationals).

How does the club handle travel and costs?

  • Dues: Training, League Cost, Club fixed costs
  • Travel Invoice (National teams only): Qualifier and showcase tournaments, coaches travel and lodging, tournament fees.
  • Invoices do not include family and player travel and lodging.

If I can not make a session can I pay a prorated amount or do a make-up session? 

  • We will not prorate or offer make-up sessions for any missed sessions unless specifically stated in the registration. 

Where can I register?

  • All programs are posted online.

What if I can not make it to a tournament? 

  • Players are required to follow through with their commitments upon signing. Families will be responsible for all agreed-upon commitments regardless of attendance.

Can I still do club volleyball if I play another sport or have other commitments?

  • We love multi-sport athletes and encourage it! With that said, individual situations are unique. Attendance is important to us, participation is key to growth and development. Please communicate with admin staff and the coaches in advance to see how we can work together.

Can I drop out of a program after the program starts?

  • Perseverance and commitment are important life lessons we teach through Sport. We encourage all our athletes to follow through with the commitment they made to the club and to their teammates. If an athlete does drop out of a program, refunds will not be provided and the families will be responsible for the financial commitment they agreed upon at the beginning of the program.